Internet Solutions

Technology conferences now live in a world of incredible expectations.

Attendees, exhibitors, and meeting support staff all want to bring their own Internet-enabled devices to a conference and insist that every application work for them just like it does at their office or home.

Extraordinary demand, from every corner of the convention space, must now be met with rapid and scalable infrastructure, capable of meeting and exceeding the needs of thousands of ravenous users, ready to complain the moment it does not work exactly as planned.

What was once simply a convenience has now become a service fraught with risk, always a moment away from collapsing and forever tarnishing the hard-earned reputation of a conference and its corporate brand.

Internet Solutions

Event Internet Solutions

Internet Services at Convention Venues and Centers have long suffered from a far-from-perfect reputation. From price to service, there isn’t much satisfaction to go around. With technology always changing, and users hungry for the latest and greatest, you need a partner with the knowledge, commitment and capital to keep you ahead of the curve.

Where can we help you? The venue is your choice!

Conference Centers

Conference Centers are challenged due to the high density environment in which they are designed. XpoNet has the experience and success in setting up a high-density network for even the largest of events.


More often than not, hotel meeting spaces have not invested the dollars to upgrade their Internet infrastructure to meet the needs of today’s technical society and multiple device users. XpoNet can work with you at the hotel venue to set up a temporary state of the art network for your event that will meet all your technical needs.

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Concerts and festivals now live in a world where fans want to post a minute by minute, play by play experience through their cellular devices. Extraordinary demand must now be met with rapid and scalable infrastructure, capable of meeting and exceeding the needs of these thousands of users at once.

Stadiums & Arenas

Stadiums and arenas offer the unique challenge of the “bowl” effect in a high-density setting. It is difficult to reach everyone and every device within the “bowl”. XpoNet has met that challenge with great success and can offer Internet services to provide coverage for all attendees within this environment.

Outdoor Festivals

Outdoor festivals have struggled with the demand of Internet users within this space and the ability to find a company to successfully do the work. Hiring the right company, XpoNet, to build the infrastructure needed to meet this demand, bringing with them the expertise and skill to manage this type of network is dollars well spent.

Our expertise in events spans more than two decades, and we currently service some of the largest and most complex convention networks in the United States and beyond. In both our permanent and temporary installations, we have pioneered new technological and service approaches that guarantee the success of every one of our clients.

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Our Approach

For any permanent facility or temporary event working with us, we will continue to follow the same principles that made us the leading event networking technology company. XpoNet will ensure a successful Internet services by relentlessly focusing on every facet of the network to ensure a productive and positive experience.