Event Showcase

IBM Events

XpoNet has been traveling with IBM for many years providing Internet Services for multiple events such as IBM Interconnect, IBM Insight, IBM Connect, IBM World of Watson and more.

  • 24,000 +
    Attendee Range
  • 1G +
    Concurrent Bandwidth Usage
  • Multiple Venues
    Multiple-Venue Events

XpoNet has been traveling with IBM, designing, installing and managing Internet Services for multiple annual events for many years. Each year these events grow in size and demand, often using 2-3 large meeting venues to host a single event. IBM events range from a few thousand attendees at smaller events to over 24000 attendees across multiple venues at larger events. Their concurrent bandwidth usage is astounding with over 1G of concurrent usage managed by XpoNet at more than one of their annual events in 2016. IBM Internet demands are some of the most complex seen in the industry.